Red and white polka dot dress

Red and white dress-1472

I love playing with the trends. It’s really fun to try to adapt them to my style, customize them, interpret them and make them my own. With polka dots work is never difficult because I wear them since I was little and it is a trend which I feel, always, … Read More

Lady in red leggings‏

Easy look red and white-1435

Leggings are one the the biggest fashion trends for fall, which means you’re going to see them everywhere you look. However, leggings are also one of those tricky styles that a lot of women wear completely wrong and one that many other women completely avoid for the sheer fear of … Read More

The Kandiyan Saree – Osariya

The Osariya-2924

Sri Lanka is an island filled with diversity, and this is reflected in the distinctly diverse clothes worn by its people. The osariya (Kandyan saree) is the traditional Sri Lankan woman’s dress which was created as a sign of independence and authenticity. The osariya is draped like a “redde” (cloth) … Read More

Black tulle

Black lace skirt-1539

I love playing with tulle!  A huge fan of combining different textures, I especially adore tulle underneath and with lace details. This skirt is such a statement piece and once (hopefully there will be more occasions!) a year my whimsical love for tulle. Noir midi skirt + lace = A … Read More

The LBD and red blazer

The LBD and red blazer-1673

The epitome of stylish and chic, the little black dress (LBD) is a must have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Just like the basic white top, the little black dress is universally versatile. You can basically dress a LBD on a casual day and look effortlessly stylish while on other … Read More

Jungle city

Jungle city-1680

Do you like the skyscrapers? I do. I can not explain the reason but I love them a lot. Milan is historically one of the Italian cities which grew vertically. Since the days of the Futurist movement, which not coincidentally was born in Milan, Milan is the symbol of progress, … Read More

Rotonda della Besana

Rotonda della Besana-1650

If you want something unusual, in Milan, you can visit the Rotonda della Besana. If you want to walk and enjoy the city with calm and even losing a bit of time, this is one of the most charming and interesting places. Unusual, romantic, mysterious. I advice this amazing place … Read More

Black lace pencil skirt

Lace walk outfit-1525

So how do you feel about lace? I’m pretty much a big fan of it in pretty much any form. Its classic and elegant. I like classic! Last week I wore this outfit for a few appointments. I tried on tons of different blouses and tees with this skirt, but … Read More

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