Light pink dress

Light pink dress-6

Hello sweeties, here we are. Easter is getting so close! What are your plans? Are you going somewhere? Two days ago I was seriously loving the 22°C weather in Milano. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that nice weather than a light pink lace dress. After adding … Read More

Floral print blouse

Floral print shirt8

Good morning lovers! A shopaholic person usually has an insanely stuffed closet… Mine surely is! Sometimes, like yesterday, it’s even hard to find a certain dress or shirt, cause I have too many hangers there -.-” I am sure you know what I mean! There are clothes I don’t wear … Read More

Oversize blazer

Oversize blazer-9

I love the boyfriend and oversize blazers. They keeps me warm on spring nights But how should you wear it? This is one of my versions… I wore this fantastic white mini skirt last Sunday to go for a brunch with my friends. It goes perfect with this burgundy oversized … Read More

Lovely jumpsuit

Lovely jumpsuit-11

Happy Monday babies! How was your weekend? Last Saturday I was invited to Graduation party. And as usual I didn’t know what to wear. When I want to look elegant, I usually choose to wear a dress. But this time, I wanted to try something different, and I opted for … Read More

Milano Design Week 2014

Milano Design week 2014-9

Hello people! Today I’d like to continue with yesterday’s topic: Milan Design Week! After the visit to the university I headed down to the other “hottest” points of the city In the last few days I realized that design is a fever that has infected everyone, especially luxury and fashion … Read More

Milano Design week 2014: @ the University of Milan

Milano Design week 2014- @ the Univeristy of Milan-22

  Good morning guys. Today I’d like to write about the Design Week 2014. From 8th to 13th April Milano becomes the capital of design. As every year my first stop is at the Univeristy of Milan where, with its magical installations, we can admire new ideas. Architects, artists and … Read More

Training with Divissima

Training with Divissima-6

  Bathing suit test: the nightmare of thousands of women around the world, including me! After a winter of hot chocolate and other excesses we just have to get down to training… My fight against few kilos starts this year too! : D How many of you like to feel … Read More

Flowers on flowers

Flowers on flowers-2

Hi guys! Most of you know that I love tropical prints, and that of course includes the one and only floral that has become so popular today.  This particular print will always be around, especially when it comes to the lovely season of Spring! Lightweight, fresh and versatile, the skirt … Read More

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