Navaliya cover page and interview


I’m super excited to share the photos of one of the best things that happened to me since I’ve been blogging. Of course I’m talking about the Navaliya photo shoot which took place few weeks ago when I was in Sri Lanka. I was extremely lucky to have had the … Read More

Stylish any time of the day

Pink sporty chic-7

I was looking at this outfit when the term “Sporty Chic” popped up in my head. Sporty chic is a hot trend, and what could be better than combining comfort with designer style? The sweatshirt is right on trend! Pair with a casual pair of trousers or jeans and add … Read More

Lady in red dress

Red and go-8

This post  is about my love for the red color: RED! Very long time I wanted to have in my wardrobe a red dress. Red dress is suitable for any festive and solemn events. Wearing it, you will not remain unnoticed. Recently, I found this dress in my mother’s closet … Read More

Palazzo Berri Meregalli

Palazzo Berri-Meregalli-14

You can not be lovers of Liberty and walk for Milan in search of the buildings built in this style without going to visit the largest of the houses Berri-Meregalli. The building dates back to 1911-1914. This majestic building, with a deliberate air of mystery, represents a late-Liberty but also … Read More

Milano Tonight

Piazza V Giornate-9

The sunset is here and we are going to explore the center of Milan with the camera. It is a walking from a different perspective, indeed, in a different light! It is almost a walk at night! When the traffic noise is attenuated and the street scene is more thinned … Read More

The little yellow dress for this autumn‏

Ideale per autunno-16

Are you looking for a nice autumn / Fall little dress? Gorgeous weather continues to amaze: it is still sunny and warm. I still wear dresses and still go out barelegged. This dress in several shades of yellow and earthy brown is a new purchase. Yellow is an earthy colour … Read More

The other side of me

The other side of me-17

Sometimes I like to wear casual and sporty looks. Few days ago I woke up feeling like wearing my new NY Yankees cap and, to tell you the truth, it was very difficult to choose the right outfit. I tried one thousand different combinations and when I was about to … Read More

Hand dyed cotton dress – G by Gihan Ediriweera‏

G by Gihan Ediriweera 4

Today I’m going to introduce you a kind and amazing person: Gihan Ediriweera, owner of G by Gihan Ediriweera, who is a freelance fashion designer from Sri Lanka. In particular he’s a tie and dye and dip dye designer. Having studied at the D.S. Senanayake College in Colombo, Gihan underwent studies … Read More

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