Red lace sporty version

Red lace sporty version-2

Lace, a timeless fabric. Sensual, elegant, romantic, rock and even sporty. So here there is for you a different combo od the red lace dress I wore on Christmas Eve! A sweatshirt and sneakers for a sporty chic effect ll pizzo, un tessuto da sempre protagonista del guardaroba femminile. Sensuale, … Read More

Navy blue and silver

Navy blue and silver-6

Navy is a strong color associated with fidelity, which has made it quite the popular hue for brides and grooms over the years. Throw in a celebratory metallic silver for a fun combination that’s perfect once the chillier weather sets in. Platinum tones and navy hues will look fab on … Read More

Winter chic

Winter chic-7

This is what I wore yesterday for a shopping session! It is SO COLD that I could barely stand outside to shoot for more than a couple minutes which might explain the lack of photos! What you can’t see is that this top actually has a pretty touch of lace … Read More

Electric blue lover

Electric blue lover-5

 When the weather gets cold, it’s easy to gravitate towards dark gray, black, and navy, but there’s nothing better than adding a pop of color to your winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a splash of color in your shoes, clutch, or top, this little something extra elevates an outfit from drab … Read More

Milano night tour

Milan night tour-6

Milan is a city where fashion is paramount, knowing where to go at night is almost as important as knowing where to shop. I have therefore selected some pics from Milan by night. Milano è una città dove la moda è fondamentale, sapere dove andare di notte è quasi importante … Read More

Red red wine

Cozy Saturday-3

After a busy and chaotic week, I just want to relax with a glass of red wine. What about you? Dopo una settimana frenetica, preferisco rilassarmi davanti ad un bicchiere di vino. E voi? වෙහසකාරී සතියකට පසුව, මම කැමතියි විවේකීව ඉන්නගමන් වයින් වීදුරැවක රස බලන්න.

Cute n’ cozy winter

Wool cape-3

Baby, it’s cold outside! With winter comes cheery things like hot cocoa, crackling fires and puppies in coats. (Seriously, how can you resist?) But nothing defines the season of snow, sleet and rain quite like chilly weather—and the bundled up, hyper-layered outfits that follows! If you’re looking for style tips … Read More

Nude and floral

Nude and floral-1

I don’t know about you, but I love the warm weather!  I’m so excited to start going to the pool and spending lots of quality time in the great outdoors. I really can’t wait to feel the tropical weather this summer. I guess it’s probably coming the time to dig … Read More

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