When in doubt wear pastels


Whether you like buying into trends or prefer to stick with the basics, you need to add pastel to your wardrobe. Soft hues are a classic staple and are timeless enough that you can wear them year after year, yet when styled just right, they’re also super trendy and cool. … Read More

How would you define femininity?


I remember that my idea of ​​femininity when I was a bit young was represented by a short skirt, a tied shirt at the waist and curly hair. Time has not changed. But over time I realized that femininity translates into authenticity and awareness. A rip is worth more than … Read More

Pastel pink mini skirt


As I have previously stated, light pink is my favorite color. I love pastel pink <3

Earth tones


Zara is (sometimes) one of my favorite labels. I feel like some of their pieces are sexy but not overwhelmingly so. (I know this looks super short but I have really long legs so it is a bit deceptive). I have also had these heels sitting in my closet for … Read More

Pink and black little dress for summer


 You know how much i love the combo shocking pink + black. Well here there is another look with this colors! I promise to wears different tones from tomorrow The look is pretty basic but is enriched by little details. Sapete quanto io adori l’abbinamento rosa shocking + nero. Beh … Read More

Anchors shorts


One thing I am really loving this summer are laid back outfits. When it’s this hot, I want to be wearing comfortable pieces. Lately I have been wearing these navy anchors shorts a lot. They go with so many pieces in my closet. Quest’estate, una cosa che adoro veramente sono … Read More

Sunset in my Eyes


A magic sunset was a perfect moment to take some pics…so they’re improvised, naturals and a little stolen!! The look was simple but very efficient, not pretentious but impressive…isn’t it? I was having a walk with my friends and I took advantage of it Enjoy! Un magico tramonto non poteva … Read More

Floral Wednesday


Today’s edition of Floral Wednesday: floral shorts. I know it looks like I’m wearing too much colors, and I am, but it’s not what you think. It’s also very drapey, like it wants to fall off my shoulders while encouraging me to give my best come hither L’edizione di oggi … Read More

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