A new begining

Che cosa indossare per-4

What to wear to work, school or university on the first day back after summer holidays? That’s a great question. I love think about the summer and sunny days also in autumn! So why not wear something colourful, for example an orange blouse which recalls the Sun! This month has … Read More

The last day of August

Milano San babila-3

Happy Sunday guys! The 31st… The last day of August!!! Here you are some pics from Milan.. Wish you a wonderful end of August!!! Buona domenica ragazzi! Il 31… L’ultimo giorno del mese di agosto!!! Ecco a voi alcune foto da Milano.. Vi auguro un meraviglioso pomeriggio!!!

The end of August

Fine agosto Milano-2

Good morning guys! It’s almost the end of August…  We gotta say goodbye for the summer… City life in Milan is still in summer mood as the nature is perfect like in spring. Everywhere you look, you can see green leaves and also some colourful flowers… Wish you a great … Read More

The perfect chic summer look for a brunch

Indumento perfetto-1

Today I went for a really neutral summer look, perfect for a nice brunch/lunch with the ladies or better yet a summer date night The dress has this lovely white peeking out between the lace and the back design is really beautiful. But the main piece was my new earrings … Read More

Pretty in polka dots

Che cosa vestire per un-1

Few days ago I asked myself “what should I wear to an aperitif with my friends?” I felt so fun and flirty in this super cute dress. This is a really comfortable dress with a pretty print and simple cut.  And it seems just made for me! Don’t you think … Read More

Ocean’s daughter

Beach look-2

What to wear to the beach… Beach look… Beauty in the water, angel on the beach. Ocean’s daughter, I thought love was out of reach. Til I got her….. Okay I love that song by Train But I’m not really too crazy about swimming in the ocean if I have … Read More

The Royal breakfast

Simple wear-6

  Let’s kick of this Tuesday with one of my favourite ways to have breakfast suitable for every morning. By now we all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To me it’s a moment of waking up and feeding my body with important nutritions, … Read More

What to wear to a party

what to wear to party-5

This floral maxi is just perfect for a party, beach-y day, or any time you want to feel chic and summery. I don’t style maxi dresses all too often (because most of them are too short) but this one from Guess really is the perfect length. The dress also comes … Read More

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