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  • Modern Sri Lankan Indian bride_9
    Fashion Lifestyle

    Modern Indian Bride

    Today I am sharing with you some other shots from Sri Lanka. In these photos I was dressed as a bride. Exactly as a modern Sri Lankan Indian bride. As in…

  • Modern Kandyan bride_10
    Fashion Lifestyle

    Modern Kandyan bride

    Today I have decided to share with you some shots I did in Sri Lanka. In these photos I was dressed as a bride. Exactly as a modern Kandyan bride. To…

  • I'm back_1

    I’M BACK

    Hello guys, after a long break.. I’m back. OHMYGOSH. I’m here!! I’m still here, still breathing, and missing your beautiful faces. Sorry for the long absence from blogging. There has been…

  • Delicious cakes_logo


    A “Delicious” experience you will never forget! Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories. Today I am…

  • third-year-of-milanotime_6
    Events Fashion Lifestyle

    The third year of MilanoTime

    With this short post I’d like to thank all of you. Today MilanoTime celebrates its third year anniversary and I want to thank you for these wonderful years spent together. I…

  • omgnb_sli
    Lifestyle Hair Extensions

    Today I’m talking hair once again. I recently found out Omgnb, which is an online retailer of beautiful Human Hair Extensions and provides amazing products with fantastic prices. They serve customers…

  • myths-about-blogging


    A: “So what kind of work is it you’re doing in fashion?” B: “I am a fashion blogger.” A: “Ohh… now that is a pity.” B: “Why?” A: “It sounds like…

  • o-mag-fashion-october_2

    O-Women’s Magazine – October 2016

    For sure you can remember that I am a contributor for the magazine “O-Women’s Magazine“. In October article, I wrote about different types of blouses. How to rock off shoulder tops…

  • O-Women's Magazine - July 2016_1

    O-Women’s Magazine – July 2016

    As I told you here, I am a contributor for the magazine “O-Women’s Magazine”. In July, I wrote about ceremony long dresses. Black lace one for an elegant evening event, a…

  • o-womens-magazine-june-2016_3
    Fashion Lifestyle

    O-Women’s Magazine – June 2016

    News! I am pleased to announce that I have joined the staff of “O-Women’s Magazine“, as a fashion contributor for the magazine. I’ve been writing for the magazine since it launched…

  • Birthday_5
    Fashion Lifestyle

    Birthday Girl

    It’s my birthday and I’ll shine if I want to ❤ I can’t believe it, but I’m now one year elder than last year and I don’t think I look it,…